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I have been involved in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years on both the east and west coasts. From film and TV to music and recording arts to advertising and marketing to graphic arts and design to publishing (literature and software) and not to forget theatre, I have worked in nearly every nook and cranny imaginable.


I possess outstanding visual, audio and literary conceptualization as well as the ability to communicate in a variety of creative approaches to achieve impressive results. I have acquired years of experience in marketing and branding with an emphasis on consumer and market trends.


As a leader and collaborator, I am at my best when deeply involved in a project.




ACT Award, Best Musical Direction, The History of American Film.


Los Angeles Circle Critics Award, Best Musical Direction, Marat/Sade.


National & World Calendar Awards, 1997–1999, Day-Savor Screen-A-Day Calendar.


National Photography Award, Scenic Stock Photography.



tel: 207.389.4489  •  mobile: 310.650.2777


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