tel: 207.389.4489  •  mobile: 310.650.2777



SaviLinx, LLC

SME/Floor Supervisor/Senior Representative

Helped improve ACW, adherence and QA results through team building and superior statistics. Supervised 100+ CSRs and processed thousands of enrollments for the Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program by the OPM.


City of Bath, Department of Cemeteries, Parks & Forestry

Burial Engineer

Advanced knowledge of cemeteries, parks and forestry maintenance and burials including the operation of heavy equipment (loader, snow plow, dump truck) in the perpetual maintenance of more than 330 acres annually.

Radio 9 WCME, Brunswick, ME


Board Operator / Software Engineer / Color Commentator

  • Boston Bruins board operator

  • Remote sound engineer

  • Studio software engineer and

  • Studio software programmer

  • Technical support

  • Voice over talent

CGI Communications, Inc.


Videographer / Producer

Produced, directed and/or shot more than 100 television and internet commercials and promotional videos.

The Memoir Network


Marketing Director

  • Email campaigns

  • Social media campaigns

  • Blogs and articles write/edit

R&S Research, LLC

Est. 2006–2014

Executive Vice President / CCO / CTO / VP Marketing & Sales

  • Grew company from startup to a multimillion dollar enterprise

  • Increased revenue annually 15% and achieved 7% sell-through rate for unique website visitors

  • Created accounting and IT departments managing a staff of five to either employees

  • Developed and deployed enterprise applications for ordering, CRM, distribution, fulfillment and accounting

  • Senior packaging design engineer for eight original domestic and international products

  • Produced and directed two national television direct response commercials

Park County Historical Society


Treasurer / Director

  • Directed $4,000 funding effort for the Bailey Historical Park

  • Wrote grant proposals for the $250,000 restoration and preservation of the Snowstorm Dredge

  • Created partnership with The Colorado Trust, Community Resource Center and Rural Philanthropy Days

  • Co-wrote new bi-laws and audited previous three years’ financial records
  • Brought organization up to current government regulations and modern software

  • Restoration director  for the Shawnee Cemetery and Train Depot

  • Produced and directed eight historical lectures and events

FS&K Publishing, LLC



Publisher and Editor of the Award Winning #1 Resource in California, David W. O’Brien’s California Workers’ Compensation Claims and Benefits, 11th–13th Edition. Specialist in legal non-fiction titles.

Building People Inc. / BPI Sales Training


IT Director / Creative Director

  • Producer for worldwide corporate events, seminars, training, and online continuing education

  • Designed and managed corporate branding


Graphics / Web / Video

Adobe CS (PS, DW, Premiere, AE, AI), Final Cut, Blender 3D,
AutoCAD, DVD/BD Authoring

Computer Programming

Design & Layout

Adobe InDesign, TEX, LaTEX, troff, nroff, BibTEX

ColdFusion (specialty), SQL, PHP, MS Access, Flash, HTML 5, Blender 3D


115 WPM, Microsoft Office (advanced Excel spreadsheet), radio & TV station automation


Operating Systems

PayPal,, Quickbooks Premiere

Microsoft Windows, UNIX iOS, Android

Video / Camera

Sony HD 3CCD/CMOS, Canon HD 3CCD/CMOS, Nikon D5100, HD surveillance, multi-monitor setups


Digital and analog live and studio, all mix-down equipment, specializing in live performance


Harvard University, Cambridge, MA


Business Administration Studies, Finance

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA


Network Systems Administration

Los Angeles Acting Academy, Los Angeles, CA


University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA


Audio Engineering, Communications, Film & Theatre



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CJ, Todd Alcock. Artist, Engineer, Colorado Recording Arts.


Sunday Afternoon, Todd Alcock. Artist, Engineer, Malibu Music Machine.


Appetite for Destruction, Guns n’Roses. Engineer, Geffen Records.


Guns n’Roses. Live Sound Engineer, Geffen Records.


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Double D Nose. Producer/Chief Engineer.


Geffen Records Contract Demo Producer. Producer/Chief Engineer.


Motown Records Contract Demo Producer. Producer/Chief Engineer.


Los Lobos. Chief Engineer, University of Southern California Recording Arts.





† ACT Award, Best Musical Direction, The History of American Film.


‡ Los Angeles Circle Critics Award, Best Musical Direction, Marat/Sade.


Ω 12 National & World Calendar Awards, 1997–1999, Day-Savor Screen-A-Day Calendar Software.


◊ 2 National Photography Awards, Scenic Stock Photography.





MENSA, Member, 1989–1998.